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Un'eserczio di lettura e comprensione in inglese.
Il livello è il B1 (seconda superiore circa).
Leggi il brano e prova a rispondere alle domande. Per la soluzione clicca sul pulsante.

(1) Rocky Mountain High School is fighting pollution in an unusual way. It’s planting trees!
In an effort to fight pollution and help the environment, the Rocky Mountain Ecology Association offers free trees to institutions willing to plant them on their grounds. Among those that took advantage of the offer was Rocky Mountain High School. After consulting with his teachers on where
(5) to plant the trees, Principal Henry Goldman contacted the Ecology Club. But when the seedlings arrived,
Goldman had an idea: instead of planting the young trees in front of the school, he thought it would be
(10) better to put them behind the school, where the sun gets very hot in the afternoon. “It gets so hot inside the building that the students start to sweat during their afternoon
(15) classes,” said Webb. “Now the shade from our trees will bring them some relief.”
The relief won’t come until the trees grow taller, but the school will not have to wait long because it requested two species of trees that grow quickly. “Time is key, and we wanted our trees to get big
(20) fast,” said Goldman. “We were given a wide choice, from shrubs to fruit trees. We requested eucalyptus and willow trees.” Goldman said he is also looking forward to finally seeing some wildlife in the school yard at Rocky Mountains High School. “If all you have is a grass lawn with no trees, you can’t expect the local birds to come and visit,” said Goldman. “They have no place to make their nests. Now that will change, and we’ll be able to see birds from our classroom windows.”

1. What would be the most appropriate headline for this article?
(A) Local School Gets Greener
(B) Student Wins Science Award
(C) Principal Discovers New Tree
(D) Teacher Leads Ecological Club

2. What problem does Principal Goldman talk about?
(A) Pollution in the city
(B) Classrooms that are too hot
(C) Tall trees that block the view
(D) Wild animals that destroy trees

3. What did the Ecology Club do for Rocky Mountains High School?
(A) It helped design the school yard.
(B) It put flowers in the classrooms.
(C) It sold seeds to the school.
(D) It provided free trees.

4. In line 5, the word seedlings is closest in meaning to _______.
(A) bird nests
(B) young trees
(C) packages of seeds
(D) members of a club

5. What decision was changed?
(A) Which trees should be dug up
(B) When the old trees should be cut down
(C) Where the new trees should be planted
(D) Which type of tree should be chosen

6. In line 16, the word them refers to _______.
(A) trees
(B) classes
(C) students
(D) teachers

7. What can be inferred from the article about eucalyptus and willow trees?
(A) They grow quickly.
(B) They become extremely tall.
(C) They are less expensive than fruit trees.
(D) They do not grow flowers in the springtime.

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